Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 31- Goodbye Slice Of Life!

Wow I can’t believe it, it’s the last day of Slice of Life! It was a great month and I think I learned a lot. I remember I thought I wouldn’t be able to post any day, but I have, and everyday! Slice of Life teached me to be responsible by posting everyday. I actually posted for a whole month, 31 days! I liked to share my day, it was really fun. Slice of Life was a really fun challenge, it was awesome. It’s kind of weird that I won’t post ever again, this is the last time I post… Well Slice of Life was very cool, goodbye slice of life!  🙂

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Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 30- Storm at Art!

I was getting to my art class, and suddenly there was a really big storm! They told me to wait because the storm was really but really strong, and I would get wet even if I had an umbrella. After a while they said, go in, 3… 2… 1! I got out of the car, and the rain didn’t let me see! I realized that the floor was a little bit flooded, so all the water got in my shoes! I ran to the class. I saw there was two new girls, that looked like from high school. Later in the class the rain was getting in because the class was like in a balcony! The teacher ran to put something, she put a table cloth on the window! But it was about to fly away! The teacher said, “Help me!” We gave her some tweezers and put helped with a ladder. Later when we had finished setting up the table cloth the storm was already over! “We could be constructors!” said one of them. We all laughed because the table cloth was really bad! It was a very funny class, and the high school girls were really nice 🙂

Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 29- Horror Stories!

Ama, Vale and I decided to read a book with scary stories. First I would go in the center and tell a story. I started reading silently in a horror tone, and at the end I screamed, and made vale jump! Then it was Vale’s turn to tell a story. She started reading whispering the story and the end she said something really fast and screamed! Ama jumped scared, but I didn’t. It was really fun and scary!

Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 28- No Talent Show, No problem!

Like I said yesterday we were really worried about what the judges would tell us about leaving the talent show. What happened is that Vale and I signed up for the talent show, but then we didn’t want to do it. We were on Spanish, I checked the clock and realized it was about time to go audition. Vale and I got to the theater, we were really scared, we could see some auditions. We saw a one of magic, which at the end it failed. We also saw our friends audition, Mari and Ama’s dance. We were next. ” Fátima Franco and Valeria Pertuz, you are next!” The judges called out. Vale and I exchanged a scared look. We slowly went down stairs, and the judges called us one more time. Anything could happen in the few next moments, I felt scared and full of bad feelings. We walked to them and I said, “It’s only that we are not going to participate anymore… There has been some problems, and things like that” They seemed relaxed, and just said ” It’s fine, OK” I saw Jimena ( A judge) erase our name from a list, and that was it. It felt weird, that was it? No Problem? No discussion? No nothing? Well, that was really easy. I was glad we didn’t had any more problems and we could relax, I felt so released. No more problems…

Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 27- No Talent Show

Vale and I are signed up but there’s a problem. We now don’t want do dance anymore, and today we have to go audition. I’m kind of scared and worried, because we don’t even have a dance and we already signed up and have audition today! We don’t even have music! Maybe we will tell the judges that we are not going to participate and that’s it. But what if they don’t understand and tell us do it anyways… I’m not sure what will happen with this talent show. I’ll tell you next what happens…

Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 26-Going to Oviedo!

I was doodling on my journal, waiting to arrive to Oviedo. When we got there my brother and I started fighting, like really strong and rough. Later we went to eat at the restaurant called, Cafe Le Gris. It’s really delicous! I ate some pasta. Later we saw some stores. I bought some really cool aquarelas, since I didn’t have, also because I love to paint and draw. It was a nice day after all.

Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 25-Making Ice Cream!

We had just got from Home Center, and we had bought an ice cream maker! When we got home we were so exited to make some. We went right away to the kitchen to make ice cream. My brother would do orange ice cream and I would do a nutella one. I went for some milk, nutella, a container, and those kitchen supplies to mix it. First I put 2 spoons of nutella, and a lot of milk. Then I mixed it untill it was more liquid than nutella. It was very easy! Then I carefully put it in the container of the ice cream. My brother had done the orange ice cream that was much easier. He put them in the freezer, and now we just went upstairs. When I got in my room I was like, I’m so glad I have nothing to do and can relax. Suddenly I remembered I didn’t do Slice of Life! I ran to my computer and now I’m writing it. Anyways it was really fun to make Ice cream! I can’t wait to eat it! 😀

Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 24- A Poem About Happiness

Happiness is like candy, it makes you feel so fancy!

It makes you jump and twist, laughing all day, it makes you say yay!

You can’t always have it,Except if you go find it!

Happiness is great, it’s always good to have, just like food!

Happiness can’t be faked, real happiness makes you feel good inside, every side!

Happiness is awesome just like blossoms!


Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 23- A Different Morning

“BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.” sounded my alarm. I got up and changed, I got downstairs, and it was all dark. My brother was there doing break fast. How weird… Then I remembered my mother had been operated in the eyes, and she was resting. My dad was helping her because she almost couldn’t see. Normally when we go downstairs breakfast is ready everything is full with food, but today  it was different. I went to the kitchen and prepared me some hot chocolate. My dad then came downstairs and helped us prepare break fast. It was kind of a weird morning…

Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 22- Balance and flexibility!

Yesterday in dance class we were going to do some Balance and flexibility exercises, they would be very fun, because we always start joking. Isa (the teacher) told us to choose a partner and I chose Mariana. The exercise was like this: One person kneel down and the other had to do like a bridge on top, and stand up! It looked kind of… hard… First I kneel down, and Mari did the bridge perfectly! Then It was my turn to do the bridge. I let go of my legs to do it, and when I tried to stand up I fell on top of her! We laughed so much! Later we Mari scared me, and I went flying! We laughed a lot this class, it was very fun! 😀