Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 30- Storm at Art!

I was getting to my art class, and suddenly there was a really big storm! They told me to wait because the storm was really but really strong, and I would get wet even if I had an umbrella. After a while they said, go in, 3… 2… 1! I got out of the car, and the rain didn’t let me see! I realized that the floor was a little bit flooded, so all the water got in my shoes! I ran to the class. I saw there was two new girls, that looked like from high school. Later in the class the rain was getting in because the class was like in a balcony! The teacher ran to put something, she put a table cloth on the window! But it was about to fly away! The teacher said, “Help me!” We gave her some tweezers and put helped with a ladder. Later when we had finished setting up the table cloth the storm was already over! “We could be constructors!” said one of them. We all laughed because the table cloth was really bad! It was a very funny class, and the high school girls were really nice 🙂

  1. I like the small moment you chose to write about. It sounds exciting but a little scary too. The details and dialogue you used brought the reader into the story.

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