Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 25-Making Ice Cream!

We had just got from Home Center, and we had bought an ice cream maker! When we got home we were so exited to make some. We went right away to the kitchen to make ice cream. My brother would do orange ice cream and I would do a nutella one. I went for some milk, nutella, a container, and those kitchen supplies to mix it. First I put 2 spoons of nutella, and a lot of milk. Then I mixed it untill it was more liquid than nutella. It was very easy! Then I carefully put it in the container of the ice cream. My brother had done the orange ice cream that was much easier. He put them in the freezer, and now we just went upstairs. When I got in my room I was like, I’m so glad I have nothing to do and can relax. Suddenly I remembered I didn’t do Slice of Life! I ran to my computer and now I’m writing it. Anyways it was really fun to make Ice cream! I can’t wait to eat it! 😀

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