Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 21- A CRAZY P.E class!

Our class was in P.E,  (Physical education) 🙁  After running we were doing some warm-ups in that class. Vale and I were doing them in the corner while we talked. Later Jorge (the teacher) told us who was our partner for some exercises. I was partner with Vale, I was so happy! 😀 First we had to help the other one doing the stretch. We were doing it a silly, but good way, and we started laughing so hard! Then we had to do another of those exercises and we joked and laughed! And when we start laughing you know what that means.. We can never stop! It was one of the most funniest class, we laughed on the floor, it was the best class ever!

  1. Hey fati-I was wondering if you could put a picture so that i can see how you feel about this moment because i bet it would be a really crazy picture but you do explain a lot your emotions that you had douring that time

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