Into Fati’s CRAZY World, Day 14- Falling! :P

Today in dance class we were going to play a really fun game. The game is like this: There are two girls in each side of the class, and they have the touch with the ball everyone that is inside the square. So the ones inside the square have to avoid it, If they touch you, you have to get out and do some exercises. First Luisa and Rosario had to be the ones touching, the game had started! We all ran like crazy! “Ahhhhhh!” Mari screamed, and then she fell down, and made me fall down, we laughed so much! It was so funny because we kept falling down because the floor was too slippery! Later on the game I saw Luisa throwing the ball at me, I screamed, “Noooooo!! Ahhhh!” Quickly without a clear reaction I tried to dodge it and I fell backwards! We all laughed a lot!! It had been so fun! 😀


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